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Who we are

The company was launched connecting countries in the trade of commodities, especially in the agricultural and food sector. Quickly became a key partner for many European producers.

Through our operation in Europe, and Central and South America, we guarantee a steady supply of quality-controlled products and raw materials for our Partners.
Our direct operations with producers let us to be able to procure at first-hand, ensuring competitive prices and a reliable supply chain.


Our base in Vienna

As the seat of more than 40 international organizations, about 130 bilateral and numerous other multilateral diplomatic representations with about 3,800 diplomats and more than 6,000 international officials, Vienna is a hub of international diplomacy.

Vienna is also the seat of a number of other international organizations and institutions, such as the organizations for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the organizations of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and several nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Our Values

  • Developing and securing optimal trade routes
  • We know exactly what and from where because we work with verified, reliable markets
  • Regional supply with transparent logistics and finance
  • Secure access to global innovation processes
  • Coordinating financial processes through our international contacts and experience


Our mission

What do you need to ship?

It is an advantage to have a partner

Established in 2017 under the name IKH Global Kft., the company quickly became a leading partner for many European manufacturers in importing food ingredients, especially meat products.

In an economic environment that has been changing rapidly in recent years, new needs and situations are arising as a result of almost daily changes in various economic areas. It is a challenge for market players to understand and adapt to these changes.

Examples include supply chain problems, distances, oversupply , and sudden increases in demand for food, raw materials, construction materials and energy resources. And in these scenarios good communication between countries is essential to achieve maximum efficiency.

These are serious challenges, which we offer a reliable solution to at international level by efficiently allocating our available data and resources.

AGRO GRÜN GmbH was founded with a commitment to offering solutions to these challenges. Thanks to our team, which has a huge amount of professional experience, and the stable Austrian economic environment, we act as a bridge connecting businesses, markets, companies, and people at international level.

In our bridging role, our aim is to show you the right opportunities and products for you. We help you find solutions to the challenges related to overseas customs clearance with duty-free supply centers along efficient future logistics routes.

To serve the commercial and financial processes efficiently, we are continuously mapping the strengths and economic structures of our partner countries. We are present at the key points, and, using our extensive experience and a broad network of contacts, we work with the relevant governments to look into the future and bring you solutions from there.


"It always seems impossible until it's done.”

Nelson Mandela